July Inspiration.

This months inspo. After the longest year of my life, and my personal life making it feel even longer, I decided to spread so positivity for once. I haven't done one of these in a long time and I thought it was necessary.  So mostly complies or pastel,  colours and a lot of pink, which I never ever wore but now have 2 items of clothing in (OH SHIT WOW) in addition to this there are some summer garments and accessories in there that I fancied, I can't wear sunglasses myself (nothing suits my awkward face shape) but I do love these shades. 

So I studied textiles as an a level despite having not previous experience with it at all (I know...shhhh) but I loved it so much that I was a super fast learner so I really didn't find anything impossible to do, but anywayyyyyyyyy, I fell in love with embroidery when my teacher suggested it for some of my portfolio pieces when going to art/design school interviews. So now I have this huge love for embroidery especially on sheer fabrics, even though the picture doesn't exactly show classic embroidery...you get the point.

And finally, it's summer, stop talking shit and live a little.

V x