November Inspiration.

October 31 - Happy Halloween ! not a Halloween inspired post but mehhhh
Haven't done a inspo post in a while so here it is.

Next Months inspo is very 'personal development' - I'm currently building up my art, fashion and textile portfolio and have been visiting galleries even more often than I used to and I love it. I've also been looking more into fashion again - I kinda went off track with my interest in it (doing no further reading and research apart from for my textiles coursework) but I'm slowly re-building up my interest and i did miss it. I managed to do work shadowing at Savile Row Tailor, Anderson and Shepard this week and lovedddddd it, menswear is everything. I've kinda been re-building myself recently as well, becoming less afraid of what people think about my personal style and how i think and who I am (cheesy as fck I know) so I've been dressing more me and I'm even considering doing a style blog again....maybe ? - This is mainly because I've been faking my confidence until it's become more real to me, it sounds ridiculous but it works.- this brings me on to my favourite picture on here, the beautiful Jorge Wright, I first found him when watching a bunch of 'The What's Underneath Project' videos and I came across his and then another interview of his, and fell in loved with what he is about and style.
So yeah this is next months inspiration - I hope it's useful to you in some sort of way !

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