Today's Stream: SBTRKT | Mick Jenkins | Jax Jones

 So here is when I show you beautiful people, the beautiful music I've heard on my soundcloud stream today so drum roll please...

 So first is SBTRKT's newest tune which he literally uploaded 3 or so hours go. I literally can't wait for 'Wonder Where We Land' to drop. I loved the track 'Voices in my head' with Ferg, 'Temporary View' has been a fave for these last couple months, and now this. I'm getting a sense of the diverse but signature sound of the album.
This song is so calm and simplistic, with Denai Moore's vocals adding to the song's organic sound, something SBTRKT always achieves when choosing vocalists.

Baby boy Jax Jones. I'd first like to say I literally love i-D's 'Music To...' feature on their soundcloud it's literally an A-Z for all the songs you need to listen to for every type of "feelsz". Back to this mix, I love it and listened to it all the way through, on my way back from sixth form and it literally tricked me into thinking I had a social life and a glam Friday night out to look forward to. Yesssss mannnnn.

 So many emotions. 1. Mike Jenkins' The Water[s] is sooooooooooooooo good. 2. Kaytanada HAS NEVER EVER disappointed me. 3. The Missy Sample, Yessss lord. 4. This is a perfect track and it has just become my Repeat of the week.
Mick Jenkins is definitely a very intelligent artist who deserves a lot of recognition, can't wait to hear more from him.
Please listen to The Water[s]...It's good for your health loool.

VA x E&N