New $h!T: Little Simz | AGE 101: DROP 2

Really enjoyed DROP 1, so I was super amped when this came out this week. I have been having a few listens and I'm really enjoying this, the vibes are good! the verses are good! the production is good! I could go on all day.
 Sounds odd but I feel like DROP 2 is 'lighter' than 1 when it comes to the production and bars, and I love that; Simz managed to make something different but not completely unfamiliar to her sound. 
The bonus track, Josh Arcè - By the way, Aliens won, is sick. Josh is super talented and I can't wait to hear more from him. I'm proper obsessed with his flow, it's almost faultless ugh. 
Yeah so  I feel a repeat of the week coming on from Starry Eyed...hmmm...we'll see. Enjoy having a listen guys.

Oh and Little Simz got two MOBO nominationS, whatttttt ??? Yessss man, be sure to vote and support her ( here + here ) she deserves it, no doubt.