New shit.

All I seem to do is write a bunch of 'Repeats' and I don't want you guys to think I'm getting lazy, so here is going to be a more thorough write up of new sh*t I've been listening to.

This is the first thing I've heard from Kamp! And all the vibes I got were perfect for summer, for me, for life. Super chilled when the volume is low but can get deep, trance-y, and live when the volumes on full blast. Love the vocals on this, they come in at the perfect time and perfect pitch. Currently listening to Kamp!'s Cairo EP and there might be a little Listen Up! If they get me hyped.

Love the tone of this song. Gives me 'evening' vibes if that makes any sense. Saux is also a artists I'm super new to, and so is Joya Mooi but I love this collaboration  and I'm definitely going to listen to more from both of them. This collab seems to be an ongoing project with Saux, a producer, singer Joya Mooi doing a few songs together, which I can only guess will be for an EP if not an Album, I'm not sure at all but I'm completely drawn in by ever song I hear so I may have to listen to them as a pair for now.

VA x E&N