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Wow. two 'Listen Up!'s in one week...too much good music to share I guess.
So this may seem really predictable to those who follow me on any other social networking sites like twitter or instagram, but I love 'The Acid' partly because I am deeply in love with Ry X and everything he makes. This 'Band' is so perfectly matched and I couldn't ask for anything better from a collab of alternative producers and writers, than this. So Thank you Ry X, Adam Freeland and Steve Nalepa for something so beautiful it makes my soul ache.
They recently released their latest Album - Liminal - which features a few songs off the first self-titled EP so here are my favourite two:

Probably my favourite song by them, from their EP and featured on the album. It has the right balance of...well everything. It sounds so different yet so familiar to me. 

Really different to Animal which is perfect. I love how in sync but contrasting their Album is to their EP. Listen to this on the best headphones you own and you'll be left in the deepest trance ever.

Visit their Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/AcidThe
Visit their SoundCloud page: www.soundcloud.com/the-acid-sounds
Visit their Twitter Page: www.twitter.com/Theacid
Visit their Site: http: www.wearetheacid.com

Be sure to get/listen to their EP and Album...enjoy x

I know i've been writing about music alot recently and I'm sorry to those who primarily visit my site for Fashion but i will be writing about it alot more soon, just need to fall back into the mood x

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