Exam Season Album Playlist.

◘ AMOK - Atoms For Peace ◘

 ◘ In Decay - Com Truise ◘

◘ Anything in Return - Toro Y Moi ◘

◘ II - Moderat ◘

I know i said i wouldn't post but I need a break so i thought i'd give you guys this years 'Exam Revision Season got to albums'. This is super different from last years and the year before thats albums (Mainly The XX and The Streets) but these 4 albums are keeping my nerves at bay.
 Hope this will help you all avoid flippin' your shit and crying till all you can cry is blood.

good luck.

P.S. I failed/quit 100 happy days...turns out I was bullshitting myself for about 20+ days - interesting concept and experience though...i advise you all try it ♦

VA x E&N