April Collective.

A collective of images I've liked on the inter-web this month; featuring the beautiful Frida Kahlo, Sung Jin Park and Alek Wek.
Also included a few screen shots (one edited) from The Shining Film (book by my favourite Author) and The Exorcist. Don't really know how i can explain why I've chosen these images so maybe next time aha.
Lastly i threw in a Repeat; for my regular readers you'll know I've been  huge supporter and lover of SZA, and i'm so excited for this album. I know shit loads of people who love this song right now and i'm not surprised.

Some of you might have already realised my long absence and yeah it's been shit, but i'm still not gonna be on here regularly for the next few weeks (more like a month and a half or so) so I'm putting this up as a little inspo for your creative minds. I'll be back.

VA x E&N