LIsten Up! | NVOY

I haven't made one of these in a while so here it goes...
I have never made a 'Listen Up!' based on a 20 minute listen of a few of the artist's songs, normally i have been listening to the artist(s) for a couple of weeks or even months but these guy...omg these guys. 
The sun has been out a lot in London for the past 3 or so weeks so I've been listening to my old summer playlists more (mainly house & garage). These guys popped up on my soundcloud feed so i had a listen and holy sh*t. I just can't even explain how quickly I have fallen in love with them...so i'll let you guys have a listen.

'Don't Ever'
This is the first song i heard from them...literally yesterday and it gives nothing but good vibes and hope for a good summer. This was practically the gate way drug into their music.

'Is it Good'
This is my favourite of theirs so far, I'm so  impatient for summer, can't wait to listen to this pool side somewhere that isn't London (I still love you LDN)...and the things i'd do to here this at a house fest *cries*

I always put up two of my fave songs per 'Listen Up!' but i had to put up this remix...
'Toddla T ft. Roses Gabor - Pandoras Box (NVOY Remix) '
This is too much. i can't. Urgh. I love them.

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Visit their SoundCloud page: www.soundcloud.com/nvoy
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