H0LY $H!T.

So this is going to be a super random post about everything (and nothing).

1  I really do think I've stopped caring about all the unimportant things. I rarely think about the fact I have no social life and the fact i'm immensely unattractive. 70% over it.

2  This is going to sound weird but I've found an even deeper love for music. Apart from the fact it's one of the few things I actually live for, I've slipped even deeper into a state of complete and utter bliss when i'm listening to it.

Talking of music, I was talking to this guy in my sixth form a few days back about 90s hip hop (never get to talk to people about it unless it's my brother.) and it made me start to listen to MF again, I use to be a huge fan and so is the guy i talked to, so it put MF back on the map (of my mind)

Tick, Tick is one of my fave songs, have a listen.

3☽ I think I'm completely incapable of making new friends. Yeah.

4 ☽ Basically I want all my readers to start having good days and weeks and months and years because well yeah. You're probably all more liked/likable and interesting than me so please take Advantage of that.

VA x E&N