♠ Valentines Day ♠

Literally the most comical day of the year (yep, even more comical than April fools day.)
So I could be saying this out of pure honesty or because I am probably the most unattractive person you could meet, so there is no chance of me ever being in a relationship (I've suffered from physical inadequacy all my life, I've become accepting of it ☼ rainbows and bunny rabbits in my mind atm ☼) but either way, this day still makes me giggle here and there.
Don't get me wrong, it's sweet when you have a Valentine; who wouldn't want to receive shitty little teddy bears, a morbid love poem and a Links of London bracelets purely out of love/like, but It seems that at this time of  the year people who are single begin to become 'self-loathing' of there position in life, like, you're probably really cool, so like, chillax. 
Dhyāna, my loves Dhyāna.

Side Note: If you do find yourself with singleton valentines day blues, A green tea latte and cookie dough frozen yogurt can work wonders
oh and listen to this:

VA x E&N