Personal Essentials.

In depth Essentials

Unique shirts top

ONLY super skinny jeans
$41 - only.com

HUF socks

River Island black ankle boots
$57 - riverisland.com

Eastpak embroidered backpack
$62 - theiconic.com.au

Initial jewelry

Super tired of b*llshitting you guys with super quick (but loved) posts, so here is my 'Personal Essentials' list; Literally a list of item I see as essential to survive winter in style. (yes, that is a short sleeve shirt, but the jacket compensates ~ dNt JudgE MeHHHHHH ~)

The Printed Shirt: Literally an item that is always essential to me. I own plenty of them and they're the easiest way to make a basis outfit more personal - for the best printed shirts, visit thrift & charity shops, they're most likely to be one offs or so outdated no one else who may own one, will wears them. This river island one is lovely though.
The Aviator Jacket: I don't currently own one but i was so close to purchasing a vintage one from my local vintage market, but then i got distracted by food and forgot to go back to the stall *sigh*. I may make a trip down to the market tomorrow OR try my hardest to save masses of money to buy this Acne one (unlikely). But literally the best jackets to survive the cold.
The Black Skinny Jeans: I don't think i need to explain why this is essential, we all know that black skinny's are a simple outfit component. My jeans are mostly BDG or Wrangler but these ONLY jeans are fab.
The Printed Socks: Definitely an essential when owning cut out boots. Although i wouldn't personally purchase these plant life socks, they would look pretty cool with chunky combat boots.
The Boots: I'm a boot lover. The main style of shoes i have and they now a key feature in my style. (my boots are often DM's or Combats but healed boots are classy as f*ck, so i may need to make a purchase.)
The Backpack: Yeah, i just love backpacks. This may be a personal essential for me.
The Rings: I mainly use rings to make my outfit more feminine but now i care less. I do love these Maison Martin Margiela Ring though and simple band rings are cute too.

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