Wishlist...Kinda. by vaofficial featuring a leather backpack

Quick post on a few items I wouldn't mind owning/purchasing in the near future.
The Bomber Jacket - been on my wishlist since '09 and although I have a sand coloured vintage one I desperately want a MA-1 flight Bomber Jacket...oh that beautiful orange lining *sighs*, so although I don't actually want the Yeezus tour jacket ( funnily enough my obsession with Kanye stopped in '09) I do want one similar and I love the Acne Studios simple black one !
The Pointy toe Brogues - I love these shoes, they look so masculine and structured (my faves). I've only just fallen in love with pointed shoes, I used to hate them (IMMENSELY) but I'm starting to understand how they can make an outfit more interesting.
The Backpack - My favourite form of 'Bag'. I have 2 leather backpacks but they're small and more made for festivals rather than 'serious' travelling (basically traveling to see family etc...), the brand describes this perfectly...'Sunday Somewhere'.
The Accessories - I love statement subtle pieces of jewellery and a phone cases seems to be the easiest way to make a dull look, quirky. I L O V E watchesssss, mine broke a month go and I don't understand how I've survived for so long, definitely buying a mini black Casio in the next week.
The Statement Shirt - I have a lot of shirts, this would just add to my collection and obsession ! it's so kawaii o m g
The Make Up - I should probably start by saying...I ummm don't wear makeup but I do find my self browsing online for eyeliners and stuff. I love eyebrows like eyebrows are just w o w... so I used to use brow pencil to improve my own but I've gotten even lazier now. Occasionally I'd use lip lipsticks as lip tints too and a little bit of mascara. Overall this part of the wishlist is me trying to be more of a girl (and have a cute makeup bag full of makeup stuff to look fab.) Oh and the reason I chose Bobbi Brown is because it is actually amazing ngl.
Have a fab weekend my lovelies !
VA x E&N