LC:M - A/W14 | Lou Dalton, Gieves & Hawkes & Hardy Amies & More...

It's that time of the year and I finally have time to make my favorite post ever...London Collections : Men !, although i'm really pushed for time as it's currently 8 in the morning and i'm at sixth form, i'm still going to get in as much as possible for this post, so here we go...these are a few of my favorite collections this season...

Lou Dalton

Lou Dalton, one of my menswear inspirations and favourite designers, i loved this collection, not only because i am inspired by her work but by her ability to consistently make great garments. I'm in love with long coats that are about calf length, and this cream coloured trench is perfection. All these jackets in this collection are amazing; there are so many different styles of jackets in this collection, from double breasted to cropped with a  fur collar, and they are all so well made.

Gieves & Hawkes

What would this post be without having at least one collection from Savile Row...Absolutely in love with these garments, the structure is so clean & sharp as well as nostalgia being presented through the styling of the garments.  The fur trim also makes the outfits even more luxurious and the shoes are just to die for.

Hardy Amies

This collection by far is a love of mine, shows all aspects of a travelling business man, while keeping it casual and formal at the same times. the use of Dark tones to cream as well as pinstripes and check prints, give the collection a heritage type feel while keeping it warm and subtle. I'm also in love with the bags, i love using bags that i don't need to throw over my shoulder or wear as backpacks as they give more movement to a minimalist outfit.


This is a brand i became fond of while i was working at UO. The right balance between formality and urban street style is achieved constantly with this brand. These jackets are amazing (i have a huge obsession with jackets at the moment, maybe because it's winter.) and i love basic jackets with a standard arm length rather than over sized, in menswear.
I's a huge supporter of this brand; it was actually what my first ever blog post was based on (on my first draft blog) and primarily one of the many reasons i became interested in menswear.


This collection is the first time I've seen things from this designer. Adrien Sauvage is quite new so i'm excited to see more things, old and new. Each outfit looks so different and i love the exploration of styles and methods (inspires me to go further with my a-level menswear textile coursework.) definitely a designer i'll be looking into !

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