Listen Up! | SZA

So it has been a while but i'm here to tell you guys to listen to one of my favourite artist at the moment. SZA the first lady of TDE (Officially one of the best teams in music.) and she is extremely talented and extremely beautiful. SZA not only provides a unique sound that fit so well with the vibes of 'Black Hippy' but is also known for her promotion of self love and personal style in terms of fashion. While her music can provides undertones of a darker space, it is laid back and analyses a range of personal topics in an abstract way, and you know TDE always have the best production and nothing less.

'Teen Spirit'
Constantly have this song on repeat, it's almost hypnotic. Love the video, it so simple and similar to the style of photography and filmography i hope to do very soon. This is going to be so random but my favourite line in the whole song is 'In my head, i hear you screaming, just do it...'. (useless information aha)

I get a different vibe from all of her songs, SZA is so diverse when it comes to the beats she chooses and i absolutely love that, i don't listen to this song much but when i do i fall in love.

Visit her Website: www.iamsza.com
Visit her Twitter: www.twitter.com/justsza
Visit her Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/justsza

Tell me what you think about SZA, and be sure to listen to her music, have a listen to her EP titled 'S' if you liked what you heard!x

VA x E&N