June WishList: Zara

Everyone has been going a bit crazy over the Zara Sale recently so I thought I'd go in store and see what all the hype was about and omg I fell in love, although most of the items I saw and desperately wanted to purchase were not on sale, such as Zara's beautiful Camel coloured Trench Coat, I went online and found a few items I loved, Firstly I came across this beautiful monochrome dress, it looks so formal & subtle and I've actually been looking for a perfect monochrome dress, I'm pretty sure this is it. Secondly I saw these platform blucher's I've been keeping my eye on these shoes for months, hopefully they will soon be mine or I'll find something similar, I've been in love with white shoes recently, crisp white loafers, white Dr Marten boots and shoes...ugh they're amazing. Lastly I saw this bag, I don't usually use bags except for my Rocco Dupe and backpacks but I really want to use handbags more, and this one reminds me a lot of AW bags, so obviously I was attracted to it, This combination leather shopper is actually on sale at the moment along with the platform bluchers but sadly the dress is still full price but for Zara's quality, all these items are well worth their prices and I wouldn't regret buying every single thing.
Tell me what items you purchased from the Zara Sale or what you hope to purchase !x
VA x E&N