LC:M - S/S13 | Burberry Prorsum, Richard James, Spencer Hart & More...

So as many of you may know, I have a deep love for Menswear and as London Collections: Men came to an end earlier this week, I thought I'd make a post on my favourite collections and designers.


 Absolutely been loving block colours recently but I haven't really seen it being use in menswear recently, so when I saw the Burberry Collection my eyes lit up, the use of bright yet subtle colours for major pieces such as the shoes and shirts I think makes such a simplistic & modern twists to such a classic look. 

 This collection gave me a lot of inspiration, from the use of cool summer tones to the sleek yet flexible tailoring, it is truly amazing, Richard James is one of my Savile Row favourites along with others like Ozwald Boateng and Norton & Sons and it was such a joy to see his work on the catwalk, everything/every item was just in such harmony with each other.

Nick Hart's Spencer Hart SS14 collection contrasted so much against his SS13 and it worked so well, the use of dark tones as well as the contrast of structured blazers on flowy shirts gave the collection a calm yet collected feel, and the shoes in this collection are to die for.


 Alexander McQueen has always been a favourite for me and for many so it was no surprise that this collection was going to be perfection. Everything that is made always feels so magical, yet there are always pieces in collection that display simplicity and it's beautiful. The printed suit is obviously a favourite of mine; I have an obsession with prints yet a love of minimalism and I think this suit has the best of both.

 Prints ! Prints ! Prints !...Ugh I loved this collection so much, every piece excited me, and I think I have a new love for the colour blue as many of the most beautiful suits I saw were blue...hmmmn....but anyway, Agi & Sam are a pretty new brand to me, I haven't really seen there stuff so this collection was such a warm welcome, and again, very inspiring. From what I've read, they seem like pretty cool designers with such creative and unique ideas. Definitely a Brand I'll be looking into !
Tell me your favourite collection(s) from LC:M this year and feel free to suggest any designers/brands you'll think are worth looking into !x
VA x E&N