I Need...A Eastpak Backpack.


So recently I've been looking at items I could use when travelling since I seem to always be travelling to see family and friends so I thought a backpack is my main priority.
A few months back I got a Neon green backpack for £3 from a local market and although I love it, I don't think I can bring it out till summer as it's such a 'loud' colour so I've been looking for something long lasting and minimalist.
I'm not a fan of Canvas Rucksacks, most of the ones I see look like they have absolutely no structure and are purely made for the trend so they are an ultimate no no.
At the beginning of this year Eastpak's collaboration with Nicomede Talavera was presented and I was ecstatic; All Eastpak Collabs always interest me and are always unique when it comes to the type of people they want to cater for. Nicomede Talavera is a London based menswear designer who I've been falling in love with recently, the fact he is a menswear designer and also attended the University of my dreams (CSM) makes me euphoric knowing that someone with the similar dreams as my own has made it. But back to the bags aha...I love them, the simplistic block colours mean they would be easy to style with outfits, they also look super futuristic, with an astronaut esque about them, the leather detailing and duffle design on some, make them even more perfect, I would love to purchase one. *adds to wish list*
Oh and Eastpak released a really cool video a couple of weeks ago, it isn't long but it's really interesting to find out where and why the brand started, so watch it below:
Tell me what you think about this Collab and feel free to recommend any good travelling bags I could possibly purchase !x
VA x E&N