Vanessa Bruno | Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection

Firstly I want to apologise for promising to have this post up a few days ago but in reality starting it and leaving it in drafts for a while, but with school getting a little less hectic for a while, I'll resume to updating more frequently...forgive me, lovelies xxx

So this collection was a favourite as of recent, it's almost androgynous and it's menswear inspired look caught my eye. I chose to put up the four outfits I found most attractive and most fitting to what I'd probably wear. The Detailing on the blazers and the jackets make them so original yet classic, I think I was more drawn to this collection because of it's clean cut look, It's structured yet not to over the top, the colours are simple but not to dull and the detailing of the shoes pull it all together. This whole collection was a huge success and will definitely look out for items similar to those on this catwalk.
Tell me what you think about this collection and be sure to check out the whole catwalk HERE !x
VA x E&N