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I'm back my lovelies...I couldn't stay away...I missed blogging so much so here's a new music post...

Okay...so Kwabs is an artist I feel so passionately about, I've been listening to his stuff for several months now and he makes me feel so many emotions in just a couple of minutes...he is beyond soulful, I actually want to cry as I wrote this post.
'The Wilhelm Screams (Cover)'
Many of you who know me in person or follow me on Twitter will know I have a never ending and deep love for James Blake, and I actually found Kwabs through Him; I was on YouTube one night and I came across his cover of one of James' most known songs 'The Wilhelm Screams' and I was quite scared to listen to it because I've never heard anyone who has put any of James Blake's song to justice but I was amazed so much by this cover I literally forced everyone in my house to listen to it and all of Kwabs other beautiful songs...I can't deal...he has so much talent, it seems like it's almost to much for one person...
'Lay Back'
Can he just sing this to me every minute of everyday ? Please ? This is my favourite from all his Original songs. I'd do absolutely anything to hear this beautiful voice live.Ugh.I Love this man.

Visit his Tumblr: www.kwabsmusic.tumblr.com
Visit his Twitter: www.twitter.com/KwabsMusic
Visit his facebook page: www.facebook.com/KwabsOfficial
Tell me what you think about Kwabs, and be sure to listen to his stuff !x
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