Listen Up! | Jamie Lidell

Jamie Lidell is back after a three year break with his new self titled album.
I love this album so f-cking much, keeps me in a trance up beat mood for hours...ugh I can't even.
Although this Album may not be for everyone, I think that if you were to listen to it constantly you'd definitely fall in love, no word of a doubt.

'You Naked'
This song has such a nostalgic 60/70's type feel like many songs on the Album, Jamie's voice is so perfect and I love this video.
'Blaming Something'
This is the song I listen to the most off the album and I can't get enough of it, It's always on repeat for long journeys. I've missed music like this so much, really reminds me of the funk type music my Mum and Dad used to listen to when I was really little, probably makes me feel good because it reminds me of the years when I was happiest...wow...Thank you Jamie Lidell.

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Tell me what you think about this Album and if you haven't already...buy it !x
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