Semi-Personal | Ipod Finds

Okay so this post is a little random but I found my iPod a few hours ago and I've owned it for 5 years now, have over 2000 songs but haven't used it in a year...so I charged it and put it on shuffle and loads of these songs I used to listen too on repeat, came up...it was amazing. I literally heard songs that only a 13 year old version of me would think was acceptable to listen too but then I found a few songs that I must have put on when I was about 14/early 15 and that is when my music taste was and still is, at it's broadest. So here are a couple tracks I found...


Daughter - Love (I had all her/their EP's...The Wild Youth was my favourite) Daughter is hands down one of my favourite Artists/Band. Love her/Them. (Sorry for the '/' I loved her both when she was solo and now that Daughter is a band)


I think this song is so beautiful.Always and will forever be a favourite, if you follow me on twitter you will always see me NP-ing it.


'In my bed' & 'October' song were my favourite songs on Frank. Amy, you were a Goddess and you will be missed.


Omg. My Dad has such a old taste in music and I love it, he's always listening to Jazz and Motown but when he asked me and my brother about 'what afrobeat artists we listen too' and 'who is the afrobeat "King" ?' he wasn't pleased with our answers so he put in a CD and showed us 'Fela Kuti'...It's like someone had given me pizza after centuries of not even seeing it (a bit irrelevant) but yeah, I fell in love with his long intros and voice.


The Lyrics in this song were my life at one point. I first heard this off my brother when I was 12...I felt like breaking sh-t.wow...And at that point in my life I thought I was a 'Lad' and really wanted to be in a indie band...once again,wow. (I soon after learnt I was a girl, don't worry)


Garage was my favourite genre of music ever and the genre I grew up with the most, This song is so Nostalgic. (My iPod is 70% garage - 30% everything else)


This beat is just...njwhidnjwhu9jkmkpkfo.


Caribou, I Love you...This song always used to put me in a trance...like...seriously...I think there is some sort of instrument used that effects brainwaves and stuff.


No, No, No. I get so upbeat when I hear this, all I want to do is move...that's not always a good thing.


I have the whole 'The Shining' Album and it was one of the albums I used to walk to school too. Put me in a f-cking chilled mood.
Yeah so these are a few...Enjoy and tell me what you think in the Comments.
VA x E&N