Prom Outfit: H&M | Chanel | Deandri

So I've been seeing so many things online and in stores that I think would be perfect for prom, I'm not planning to attend my school prom, down to the fact the date is on my birthday :( but I love love love looking at what I could have worn or what I could advise a friend to wear...3 of these items (Vintage Chanel Bag, Chanel Paris Glasses & White Helga Deandri's)  have been 'wants' for about a year now but this 'Figure-fit dress with a front panel in leather' dress, I just saw on H&M is a dream...It's gorgeous. I probably would pair this outfit with an over sized faux fur jacket or tasselled vintage biker jacket. 


Tell what you would wear to your prom whether It's this year, already gone or in a year or two...

 VA x E&N