Life Inspiration.

Alexander Wang was one of my first ever          
high fashion loves, I love his story and how he
got to where he is today...he is truly a beautiful
human being.

Solange Knowles has such a beautiful soul, although she is the sister of a world famous singer, she doesn't let that over shadow her, and still does what she wants, her style is so personal and suited to her, she is a trendsetter rather than a hype beast and always wears daring yet beautiful outfits.

Ozwald Boateng is beyond talented, his love for tailoring is always shown through what he makes, you can tell he takes his work seriously, as you should, but also has fun doing it. His suits are perfection.
Lou Dalton is a Menswear designer and a very
talented one too, I one day hope to become a
menswear couturier myself and seeing her work
has inspired me even more to do so.

Tell me who you find an inspiration in your life, whether it's a family member, friend or someone well known...

VA x E&N