A Few favourites and Classics.


Lupe Fiasco's Album - The Cool, was one of the first ever hip hop albums I heard that made me fully fall in love with contemporary hip hop, the beats and Lupe's flow just made it such a chilled album...perfection. Favourites of the album are 'Gotta Eat', 'Free Chilly' (even though it's really short but the singing and lyrics are beautiful) 'Dumb it down', 'Intruder Alert' and 'The Coolest'. It explores the huge topic of being black america and the music industry and is an interesting insight into it.
 (Album- The Cool)


I have always had a love for Ska music, listening to Artists such as The Specials, The Selecter and Skatalites so when I discovered The Skints I was ecstatic...I L-O-V-E them so f-cking much...Last summer I was so close to seeing them live, but I arrived at the concert late cause it was an open concert, I think they're are amazing and are worth listening too. They are now one of my favourite bands.
  (Album- Part & Parcel)


Jimi Hendrix is my first love in 1960/70's music, He is such a skilled Guitarist and Lyricist, My favourite songs of his are 'Little wing' and 'Manic Depression' *cries happy tears* (Little Wings is not on this Album)...I've been on a hunt for this Vinyl for a while at a decent price so if you know anywhere I can get it in person that is located in London, please tell !!!
  (Album- Are you experienced ?)


I have a huge love for Afrocentric Hip Hop as for me, That is what defines hip hop. ATCQ is my favourite rap group of all time, and I know that's a huge and serious thing to say. They are infact part of the 'Native Tongues' with other artists I find inspiring and who I believe have made a huge contribution to hip-hop. This album is a classic and an album I couldn't possibly live without now that I've been listening to it for so many years now.
(Album- Midnight Marauders)


Little Dragon are an amazing group, they are original and creative in what they do. The song 'twice' is one of the most calming songs i've heard yet but also manages to put you in a contemplative mood, It's perfect. Yukimi's voice is so hypnotising with its old soul vibes and beautiful riffs. This album is just amazing and I have no doubt you'll love it.
(Album- Little Dragon)


JULIO BASHMORE !!!, So many may have heard of Julio by now, His Beats are amazing and seem to be flooding the house scene, Songs such as 'Au Seve' and 'Battle for middle you' have been getting people amped for a while now and I don't think it will ever stop, This EP ( Everyone Needs A Theme Tune) was amazing for only 4 tracks and his other EP's prove he has sh-t loads of talent. Definitely a fave especially for those monday mornings when you feel a little defeated.
(EP- Everyone needs a theme tune)


James Blake is my love. He always pushes his experimentation with his production to his lyrics to his amazing and soulful voice. Tep and the logic is the soundtrack to my life purely for he vibes it gives off and 'Unluck' is a beautiful song. James is definitely an artist that has his own notable style and never fails to surprise his listeners.
(Album- James Blake)

Listen to all the tracks, if possible, it's worth it, I swear lol...Tell me what you think in the comments...

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